The First stage of any relationship, come what may. There are two things involved at this particular moment; Either the boy wants the girl for keeps, or he just wants a new play toy, It is neccesary at this point therefore the girl needs to se out her own priorities; Either she wants a Man, She wants to play, she wants a friend or she doesn’t like the Boy at all! This saves a whole lot of TIME and ENERGY. I’ll tell you why. A boy meets a girl he only sees as a ‘sport fish’ and makes The Move, the girl on the other hand wants a keeper. The girl doesn’t look deep into her boyfriend’s intent, Few months later, when he’s done playing with his fish, he throws it back into the ocean; The girl is crushed!. Boy Meets girl, He wants A keeper, she wants A friend, When he’s stuck in ‘Friendzone’ He’s Crushed.    The Basis Of Every Relationship First Of All Is Communication.        Boy Meets Girl, They CoMMUNICATE!