It Is Far Better To Be Alone Than To Be In Bad Company.

Hmmmmmm, One of the greatest things of life which girls continually forget and do not realize how greatly this affects their every day living, is that you as an individual determine whether or not you are beautiful. Confused?..Let me break it down. What ever you tell yourself when you look in the mirror determines the way you will portray yourself in the presence of others. You hold the key to your beauty. The earlier you realize that the better for you.

  These are basically the ways to take charge of your beauty:

                  NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER GIRLS especially models, movie stars or the sort. A lot of girls are trapped in their shells because they constantly compare themselves with others.”Oh look at her legs, mine are not that smooth, I wish I had the colour of her hair, and her cheekbones!!,….blah blah blah” As often as you do this you continue to diminish your beauty esteem. Instead compare your look of yesterday with your look of today. Strive to look prettier than you did yesterday.

                  ACCEPT THE THINGS YOU CAN’T CHANGE except pimples,bad breath, yellow teeth, dirty clothes, you van change all of that. But things like your natural complexion, the size of your nose, small head, extra large eyes are the way you are and the way you must be. Don’t feel bad for yourself rather find out what suits you best with your physical short comings.

                 ALWAYS LOOK GOOD..And by good, I mean really god.Even to the gym or the market, a little lip gloss would not hurt or some powder with nicely matched clothes and a cute bag and you are good to go!.Remember, dont wear a dress just because it ‘Kim Kardashian’ wore it. It may look super sexy on her but on you, it may be disastrous. Just make sure you have on the right clothes, with the right colour fit to your complexion.

                 FINALLY, TAKE CRITICISMS WITH UTMOST GOOD FATE. Of course, a lot people will write you off. ‘Look, your legs are so big” or ‘You look funny in that skirt’.., as long as you feel and know deep down that you love what you are putting on, you can go anywhere with you head up high and a big smile on your face.

  Remember to always be comfortable with what you wear and who you are,Its Your Life!


                                                                                                                          xo; sticky fingers