I was watching a programme early this morning that  had to do with eliminating idolatry by Pastor Mark Driscoll. For obvious reasons, I assumed this talk was concerned with worshipping idols, black magic et al. But he talked about Sex. And I was strongly inspired by his talk.
           Church and religion aside, Sex is supposed to be between one man and one woman. We know this, The African culture and tradition forbids sex before marriage, but due to western impact it is seen as old fashioned and unreasonable. Why does this seem so?.. Those old fashioned traditionalists had reasons to believe that sex before marriage was wrong because of the unending consequences which include unplanned pregnancy, physical injuries (because the young ones may not be able to do it well), diseases, future condemnation. We have heard the stories time without number, we have seen it happen in front of our eyes but still we still get that pull to continue to go behind backs and continue to have unjustified sex. This were the religious aspect comes in.
 Sex is deeply spiritual. First, we have to remember that sex involves the ‘body’ or ‘bodies’. What did Jesus sacrifice for our sins? His Body. So you see, sex is a sacrifice of the body for a cause which is procreation. But when it is for other purposes such as plain pleasure without being in that sacred commitment called ‘marriage’, it becomes idolatry. Idolatry in the sense that you now offer your  body as the sacrifice and the second person becomes the ‘god’ to whom you offer the sacrifice to. Because we defy God’s commandment (Do not commit fornication or adultery) we put Him second in our life and put sex as the number 1, as your ‘god’ and the sacrifice you continually offer to it is your body. Thinking about it, sex is not the one getting these sacrifices, No, this is the devil’s own. Let’s remember that as fornication and adultery  are sins, they are now tools of the devil and he uses this freely on human beings to trap us and try to disperse us from God’s blessings. Another great tool that the devil also uses is Pornography. This is so common among the youth of today. It is seen as normal to watch Porn and it doesn’t feel wrong to do this. Lets realise that what we  watch, read, see, fills up or minds, thereby leaving little or no space left for God, The Author of Our Lives. All these as we know can see are the designs of the devil just to constantly distract us from God. 
   I hope with this little opinion based write up you can see reasons with the old fashioned and decide who you want to serve, God or Sex. Remember, Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.