ImageDo you really know Spongebob?, Of course, I’m aware that you know him; the yellow sponge with his friend Patrick, and of recent times the new fashion face. But what I actually mean is if you know spongebob on a well thought out basis. Ever since I was younger, I always watched spongebob with excitement at Patrick’s stupidity and the way Spongebob got everyone pissed of. Recently as I watched I realised a few things about Spongebob;
     First of all, have you actually realised that spongebob is actually a very hard working guy. He loves his job so much and makes it his number 1 priority. The episode where his cousin came to visit was  very enlightening, we saw how dedicated he is to his job, how very serious he takes making ‘Krabby pattys’ and even before he put on his chef cap, he recited some mumbo jumbo about the cap being a symbol of intergrity. Image
      Ever noticed that spongebob is  Mr know-it-all. That’s the main reason why he gets on everyone’s nerves especially squidward!.. He is very knowledgeable and ensures that he knows every and can do everything. Despise squidward’s hateful words and people always telling him ‘Don’t touch anything!’ he still goes ahead to do what he dims fit….and more times than not, it ends up disastrous!!, but he does it nevertheless.
       Great friend, Son and lover! Patrick is a complete idiot! And it’s a wonder that someone can tolerate such a useless star fish. But not a task too hard for Spongebob, he loves and cherishes his relationship with Patrick and got really sad in the episode were he and Patrick had to split ways . He kept on watching Patrick and feeling awful while Patrick seemed completely oblivious of what was going on between them both. Spongebob actually believes that he and Squidward have a somewhat type of friendship which he equally respects. He showed a typical gentlemanly nature while he was with Krabs’ daughter. Even when his parents came around he was loving and respectful. Image
       And he’s so organised and neat. Remember when that one-eyed guy went into his brain just so he could get the ‘crabby patty’s secret recipe’? he found sponebob’s brain so organised, everything, thoughts, dreams, and the rest of it all had sections…or was it when Spongebob had to share a cabinet with Squidward, how he arranged everything into cabinets..
      Finally, who wouldn’t love Spongebob, always in his square pants, white shirt and neck tie. He is so cute with all the faces he makes, they always crank me up!, And most of all, he’s always ready to help and he’s a good person at heart. So before you sit to laugh unceasingly during the cartoon or before you wear that spongebob Tshirt know this as irrelevant as it is just a cartoon is also as much we have to learn and emulate from the ever unbearable Spongebob SquarePants!
                                                                                                         xo;sticky fingersImage