I Love children,I have always loved children since I was a child. In short, I practically begged my Mom to have another child after me. Well, that was many years ago. ImageToday, I see that what I saw when I was younger was only the cute face, that nice soft baby smell, their cute clothes, and all the fun things you can do with them before their mothers take them away. Up until, the 28 of January 2009,my constant gag and longing to have kids around me was crazy. I was so excited when my sister was pregnant and to top that, she was having TWINS!!..I was so pleased. As due, she put to birth that fateful day, and that’s when my job began… As everyone expected the most of me owing to my constant bragging about my skills in child care. I was therefore put in charge fully. I fed,was thrown up on, changed, washed, sang, put to bed.I would wake up when they did because I didn’t want their mother to be stressed in any way. Up until they were three months old, these were the only things I did. But all that changed because the Mother had to resume work and then I became a ‘Teenage Virgin Mother’. Of course, I lost some weight and learned that life and kids weren’t the way I viewed them.


Anyway, they are both three years old now, and I can proudly say I have taken care of two others, born in September 2011 and January 2012,and in the process; lost a whole lot of weight, gained some arm muscle, increased my pain threshold for baby slaps, earring grabs, cheek pinch, pee on the face, vomiting on my body,biting, screaming,crying and of recent learned how to withstand a painful nipple pinch!.


Well, what can I say, God finally answered my prayers. But this blessing is a little too much!!.




P.S I still love children..


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