Hey Girls, Welcome to the first publication of ‘Girlfriends’. It ,į̸s a compendium of the normal girls talk, gist, gossip, opinions, female pains and problems with solutions, and also an open forum for personal ideas, advice and opinions. It ,į̸s under the guidance and edition of Mae Gregory, extreme feminist and human rights activist in the making. It involves a periodical write-up about real life experiences about sexism or any sort of female woes. Readers are encouraged to keep abreast with these and offer opinions and solutions on topics being discussed. God Bless You As You Read.
After All…..
Tearfully, Sandra narrated her story to me “I’am Sandra, 300 level Business Adminstration student, Madonna university. Hmmmmm, where do I Start” (paused to sniff)” Well, my story began when I met Nonso in 100 level. What really attracted me to him was his dancing skills. Ol boy, he sure knows how to dance” (smilling) ” I know I practically forced him to ask me out but I wasn’t bothered, I was so proud to know him and be around him. I remember after a certain performance in school I ran backstage and gave him a very congratulating hug, girls talked about me that night, most opinions were that I was stupid. Well, moving ahead, as a natural thing in my school, couples always leave school together and just have fun. Nonso convinced me to leave school with him against the stern warnings of my friends I still obliged. Well, we left school and after much, Nonso took my virginity, I didn’t feel bad though, I took it as a normal life process. My ‘not feeling bad’ emotions did not last long, Immediately we stepped foot in school, I started hearing the gist that Nonso had disvirgined me!” (Starts crying again) “My friends confronted me, I denied it totally and said it was just a rumour, the same way Nonso denied ever telling anybody anything. He said I shouldn’t worry, that gist will always die down. It didn’t though, I always remember the side comments when I pass,” (stops, shakes her head, blows her nose) “Time passed, we were still dating, normal quarrels here and then, he slapped me once because I told him I heard he was going out with one model in his class. Rumours were always sprouting, they said I paid his fees, I’m shameless and all sort of things. The final straw was after our christmas vacation. I went with Nonso to his hometown, we lodged in a hotel and ofcourse slept together. When we resumed back in school, the worst had happened! My sextape was everywhere in school!!. I was devastated to say the least. My already dented reputation was ruined, girls started coming to my room to give me advice of all sorts,
most times insults. That was the most degrading time of my life, Ofcourse, I broke up with Nonso, he laughed when I confronted him!.
As my reputation ,į̸s now dead, I’ve lost my friends to this relationship. I don’t think I benefited anything.I heard all he said about me, that I am a dirty whore and I didn’t even know how to have sex. Its been about 3months now since we broke up. Last week, Nonso called me,apologised and asked me to be his girlfriend again” (now crying loudly)”….. And I said ‘Yes’!!…am I cursed???!”

(Names have been changed for annonymosity)