Judith was not really the first person you would spot out of a crowd in secondary school. She was a fat and dirty student, her only good trait then was that she could sing. She was a perfect target to get pick on by the ‘cool kids’. She ate like a cow and smelled like one too. Moreso,she was a pastor’s daughter and a total social reject. But I was still her friend because we used to sing together and sometimes I enjoyed her company;Not like I was a social misfit though. Anyway, we all graduated from secondary school. I have also graduated from the university and during my industrial training 2 years ago I met Tope, short, dark and not in the least bit physically attractive. He was a trainee assistant in the company and a seemingly egocentric guy. He always countered my every move and made fun of me for going to a private university. Anyway, we were friends despite his unnerving behaviour. Well, for five years till of recent, I lost all forms contact with Judith. We got connected on facebook and I got her Blackberry pin. We caught up on old times almost immediately. I could see she was still the same fat girl, if not fatter. However, I noticed that most of her pictures were either only facials or only half of her body would show, I sensed low self esteem as most of her status updates were about diets, skinny girls and the sort. On my birthday,this year, the strangest thing happened. Tope called me to wish me a happy birthday and told me to speak with Judith!. Judith, my friend?!.. Still in shock I spoke with her and after the pleasantries I asked how this came about. She giggled excited and mumbled some words about them meeting on facebook. What?!, Judith of all people, and Tope of all people!!.. Anyway, I didn’t judge so I let it be. A few months later, Judith status updates ‘Love ,į̸s wicked, F**k Love’, ‘I Hate You For Making Me Love You’ So I politely asked what the matter was. She relayed how Tope broke up with her because she was not ‘good enough’. I didn’t know what to say and then she asked me ‘I’m too fat shey?’. I was so tongue tied. I tried consoling her and I knew my words were weak and hardly convincing. I could understand her situation because I know Tope to be very sarcastic and rash with words. That day, Judith revealed to me a huge secret which still causes me worry. She told me that few months after our graduation from secondary school, a group of boys raped her and now she has a 5year old son, the exact reason why she got into the university 2 years after others did, because she had to nurse her baby. She went further to break my heart and said who wants a fat, ugly, single mother and under achiever as a girlfriend talk less of wife. She says as the first child of the house, she ,į̸s meant to get married soonest but she can’t even keep a boyfriend.
What should Judith do? How Should she think and feel?. Please advice her!