Being in a relationship can come with a lot of imperfections for both to endure, over come and tolerate. A lot of characteristics of the has to be overlooked or corrected by the other, anger management issues, selfishness, bad fashion style just to mention a few. But what happens when the imperfections of your girlfriend or boyfriend is a public stigma of some sort. Basically, I’m saying whether or not you can cope with a boyfriend or girlfriend that has halitosis (Mouth odour). And I’m not talking about a temporal mouth odour that tic tac can handle but major and obvious mouth odour. A lot of controversy arose when this question was asked; some people believe that love can conquer all and make the mouth odour unnoticeable, others totally refute the thought of dating someone with mouth odour!.
Well, I have this friend who was totally crushing over one hot chick. I have to admit, she is very beautiful, pretty eyes, nice smile, a sexy body, what more could a guy want!. My friend was head over heels in love with her even if he hadn’t spoken with her face to face. Anyway, he finally summoned up courage and approached her, he was so shocked to find out that she had a terrible (breath like spoilt egg) mouth odour. However, he said he’d cope and continued wooing her, after the ‘initial playing hard to get’ she finally agreed and they started dating. Then, he used to buy dozens of tic tac, peppermints, mint chewing gums, mouth sprays and all: Unfortunately though, 2weeks later they broke up after their first French kiss!… He said he choked when they were kissing and his tongue shrunk!!. He said he lost his appetite for weeks!!
Mouth odour issues are very crucial because of the low self esteem it causes and other social factors. It can most times be an inconvenience as well as an embarrassment!..I personally believe that love can hoard all imperfections but I can’t date anyone with mouth odour.
Dear reader, This brings us to the pertinent question; Can Love Conquer Mouth Odour??…

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