To: President Goodluck Jonathan To: Senate President David Mark To: Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers StateNigeria
The gruesome murder of4 University of Port Harcourt students must not go unpunished.
*Tekena Elkanah
Were on Friday 05 October 2012 at about 5.00am killed by the Aluu Community in Port Hacourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. It was gathered that the ruler of the Aluucommunity ordered the killing of these students. No matter what the story is, no Nigerian has the right to take laws into their own hands let alone encouraging others to kill a fellow Nigerian. Justice must take full course in this animalistic act by the Aluu Community. We demand that whoever is involved in this killing must face the music, Nigeria must show to the rest of the world that this country is not a banana republic. You cannot be asking investors to come and invest in your country when barberic acts such as this are happening almost everywhere in the country.
*Who told the traditional ruler that he has the right to order hisclan to kill another Nigerian is such a barbaric manner?.
*What was our police doing to stop this act of murder?.
*Why did the communityruler of Aluu not ask his community to stay action for him to call thepolice to arrest the students?.
*As we have heard, theircrime was that they were cult members and they went to Aluu community to collect money from a member of their cult. On reachingthere, their member did not bring money they requested so they took his black berry phone and his laptop and left. The person they visited after they left, started shouting thief, thief to draw the attention of the community. Moments later, the vigilante group in the village rounded up the students and took them to the ruler of that community were the ruler asked his clan to deal with the 4 students.Whether they took Black Berry or laptop and they were unarmed, you haveno authority to ask people to summarily decapitate another person by burning them to death.
We the under signed would continue to echo against this barbaric act until those involved are brought to book. We elected those of you to serve us and you have allthe powers in our constitution to do justiceto this but also to all similar reports such as this.
This story will not be swept under the carpet as usual because we are not going to relent until those involved pay for the crime they have committed. Please click on link below to support this petition. ‘Justice For The Uniport 4 Students KILLED In PortHarcourt Nigeria’