No, No, I’m not delusional or hearing strange voices in my head!.. I’m actually in the toilet! :D. Time in the toilet ,į̸s a very special and quiet time for me to personally go through all the day’s activities, to tweet or ping most times while doing my ‘business’ (Don’t Ask!)… Anyway, doing my ‘thing’ while listening to music, Chris Brown’s Don’t Wake Me Up starts playing and then I remember what happened today. You wouldn’t believe!!. I went to the pharmacy to buy Panadol extra for my headache. As I was checking through the shelves, I over heard Mrs Okeke (Our loud mouthed neighbour. P.S We don’t like her! Typical estate gossip!!). She was talking about her house girl Ekaette and something about pregnancy!. Ahhh! Gist!! Me Likey!! 😉 I quickly grabbed the nearest drug to pretend like I was checking it out meanwhile I was seriously listening to her (Don’t judge me o!, Who doesn’t like a amebo!?!). Apparently, Ekaette recently started having dreams where she would meet a handsome guy and he would make love to her in her dreams!. At first it started out as ordinarily kissing the man in her dreams, then it proceeded to full time sex!. And Ekaette confessed that sometimes after the sex with the ‘Dream Man’ she would wake up and see semen on her panties!! (O.O). Shocking!!. Finally, few days ago she opened up to her madam, Mrs Okeke that she ,į̸s pregnant!! Although, she has never physically had sexual intercourse with anybody.. Well, spiritual sexual intercourse with the ‘Dream Man’!! (OMG!!). Mrs Okeke said that she had just dropped Ekaette off in the church to sleep there for her healing!! (*smh*). I was still listening to the gist when my dad came into the pharmacy, I smiled at him and he was coming close when I noticed that his smile had dropped when he looked at my hand! Oh God!! I didn’t realize that I was holding a packet of postinor contraceptives!!! 😐 Anyway, I had a rather enlightening day but with lots of explanation to give to my dad! (*sigh*) But who knew that a spirit husband could impregnate a person!!! Wow!!! So maybe next time before you recite that ‘Dearly beloved…..’ part of Chris Brown’s song, you might want to change it to ‘Dearly beloved, if this love only exists in my dreams, Please WAKE ME UP!!!!’.. Don’t be a learner!!.. Anyway, till next time..I’d be here to give you the most incredulous fictitious stories ever!!!
*flushes toilet*
See ya real soon!!! 😉

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