*grabs Mic*
Good Evening ladies and gentlemen! Finally, the most anticipated day in October is finally here! The headies night!! A night of greatness and empowerment! The decision night ! Who takes home a head? Who goes home with a sad head? Who earned big? Who made it? Who looked good? Who looked retarded!! Well, I’ll be your blog host for tonight, hosting from the hosts; Mr Incredible and Gorgeous Omawunmi Live from the headies!! Join me as I commend and condemn, as I comment in my words each activity that takes place tonight!! Burna boy has been spotted, Mr capable, Toolz, T.Y Mix, are all in sight! Heels and Gowns, Blazers and Blings!! Paparazzi flashes everywhere!! Bliss!! We’ve just seen the red car for the Next Rated Artist!! Magnifico! I’ve go my chips on my home girl Eva though!, Well, no need to stress honey, Lay on your bed, grab a coke and relax as I bring you, word for word, what is going down at the headies 2012… We’ll take a commercial break now and when we come back, I’ll fill you in! Just stay locked in to my blog, comment, like, feel free!!
*sips cocktail* Its your girl Sticky Fingers!! Leggo!!!