Hey there!. How’s it going?. Good?. Boring?. Okay! Nice to know.
Anyway, I was having a conversation with one of my friends today, and she started laying complaints about her supposed ‘boyfriend’. Afterall she said, I wondered if the guy in question actually loved her or if he even cared about her. Thinking about it for so long till it finally hit me hit me; She is his Side Chick and she didn’t even know!!!. Okay, for the slower ones amongst us, a side chick is a girl or a woman who gives a man, many times than most, what he is lacking in his real relationship (wild sex, a listening ear, and no serious commitment). Sadly, a lot of girls believe that they are in relationships when it turns out that they are just side chicks!. Kudos to consistent playboys who find it very easy to cover up their tracks without the side chick realising that they are not the main chicks. Yes, It is hard to believe that a sensible girl wouldn’t notice when she’s the side chick, it still happens that most are completely oblivious to the stand of their relationship. Well, you need not worry because I’m here with help! Below are personally thought out examples of guy behaviours that prove that you are the side chick. 😀 Stay calm and read

Lets start from the basics:
He doesn’t showcase your relationship on social networks.(twitter, Facebook, bbm) Or worse still you tweet at him and he sends you a DM!
What’s the excuse? He’s shy?, Doesn’t want publicity? He says he doesn’t want people to know about you?? All lies!! (except in very rare occasions, very very rare occasions)
Verdict: SIDE CHICK!!

The only compliments he gives you are ‘Oh you’re so hot!’ ‘Your boobs look great’ ‘I want to eat you up!’ No compliments like ‘You’re smart’ ‘You inspire me’…. Sweetie open your eyes!!
Verdict: SIDE CHICK!!

He never answers her call when he’s with you
He takes the call in another room
He takes the call in your presence but puts the volume real low and gives short replies… Hmmm
Verdict: Either you are the SIDE CHICK or the Main chick and he’s cheating on you!!

You’ve never met his parents or any important member of his family, and he’s not interested in meeting yours… *sigh* Can’t you read between the lines??
Verdict: SIDE CHICK!!!

He hardly calls you during the day, only at night or at odd hours and always gives the excuse of being busy… Or only wants to see you at awkward hours (P.S. If a guy truly cares about a lady, no matter how busy his schedules are, he’ll make out time!!)
Verdict: SIDE CHICK!!

He Hardly listens to your emotional words, hardly asks about your welfare or the most he asks is ‘How’s that big booty doing?’. You guys don’t talk often, just get down to the sex! My dear, Pele o!
Verdict: SIDE CHICK or maybe his booty call!

If you keep asking about your future with him and he keeps saying he’s not ready to settle down or he cannot define your relationship.
Verdict: SIDE CHICK!!!

If he always keeps you in guesthouses or hotels or you two always just stay at your place and you’ve never been to his house!!
Listen up!! Its screaming!!!
Verdict: SIDE CHICK!!!

So there it goes, my personal evaluations on those guy behaviours that prove you are a side chick. Most of which are entirely true, but some can be exempted though in the rarest situation. But you need serious help if after reading this you still do not know when you are the side chick!!
Be wise!!
See you next time!! Ciao!!

Guys, What do you think? Have you been there and done that? Please gist me of other signs you may know of. Comments are welcome in the box below!!
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