We get all the whinings of you guys about ‘how she zoned me’. Yes, we know, its a  messed up situation, when you have hidden feelings for a girl that asks you what colour of panties she should wear on a date (Am not the only girl who does that right? :$) and is entirely oblivious of the reasons why you hesitate to give her your ‘cute friend’s pin’, she wants to pillow fight with you and jump on you just to laugh and continue watching TV, meanwhile you are dealing with an uncontrollable hard-on, she comes back to weep on your shoulders about her broken heart and scream ‘All guys are LOSERS!!’ she makes you her emotional sanitary pad!,. The situation is entirely laughable!( Unless you are gay though, You enjoy that shii!) But I’m here to advice not to gloat over your misfortunes.But I want to put it to you before I go further, No girl put you in the friend zone, you put yourself there!!.
If you’re tired of being her heart wipe and be the one she really puts in her heart, I’ll tell you how
The first motive is to spend less time with her. You can’t be oogling around her all day and expect her to fall in love with yo ass!. Let her have some space, let her breathe, let her miss you and while you are MIA spread your arms and be a man!.Achieve things, do stuffs that’ll make her see the man in you.Then when she complains about you not being around, “make it up to her” and take her out not to your ususal spot, somewhere exquiste. But put a rein on your groins! It not time for sex yet!.
Don’t you ever ever ever ever ever express your feelings directly to her!. That’s a terrible idea, you end up getting answers like
“You’re like a brother to me”
“We need to be just friends”
“I already love you as a friend and I can share anything with you!”
“I don’t want to jeopardize our friendship”
“I’m on my period!” (Again, I’m I the only one who has said that? :$ :s 😦 )
Bruh, don’t do that! You’ll end up either being zoned deeper, or its going to get really awkward with te both of you.
Make her see that some other girls want you or you want them, preferably really hot chicks. Jog up her emotions a bit. Some harmless flirting with her friends will do, or commenting on some random girl’s booty or something.
Aha! Lest I forget, I hope she’s not in a relationship?. Dating someone else?, your friend? your brother?.. She is?… Nicca what are you doing here?. Google search ‘How to make a girl leave her boyfriend for me’. After she’s left her boyfriend and she zones you, please come back and and read this article!.
Let’s carry-on.
Now, you want to make her see you as more than her buddy but also the body she can lay on! 😉 Talk to her about sex, your fantasies and things like that. And you know how girls are moved by love and connections, talk to her about the difference between sex and love making!. Make her want you. goddammit!!
P.S: Don’t have sex with her if you are still ‘just a friend’. Thats going to put you in the friends with benefits zone. There ought to be a mutual understanding between you two.
Finally, make comments that enlighten her, tell her you’re jealous of how she smiled at the cab guy, ask her how you look, tell her sweet nothings, girls like it like that, make her understand where you are going to!.
So there goes!!!. Follow these sensibly, don’t act like a horny teenage boy and then you’ll get her professing love for you in no time!!.Out of the zone
Thank me later!!
You can go now!!
Here’s the green lightgo_now