Hey good looking!!. How’s the weekend going?…. Been a while right?. Mehn! I’ve had more drama in my life these past few days than ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’!!. Anyhoo, thank my God that I’m an overcomer!!. Can I get an AMEN?!!.

Well, emotions have been flying in and out of my house and I hope I’ll soon be able to make jokes of it all in the nearest future!.

Walking about the house aimlessly today, I started snooping around my parents’ documents and I stumbled on a small book of poems I wrote and compiled when I was thirteen (13)… LOL!. I titled the book ‘Can You Feel Me?’. Its actually nice. I found most of the poems funny, some what inspiring, and sweet but really novice too. But the funniest is the one you’re about to read. I called it ‘The Dream’. Stay calm and read.

‘Oh I had a dream’
‘In such a conflicting realm’
‘All in my subconscious’
‘But playing in my reality’

‘Oh I had a dream’
‘Of Something I’m not familiar with’
‘But I know all about’
‘Oh how could that come around’

‘A reality happening with my eyes closed’
‘My mind quickly acting’
‘However my aching limbs are resting’
‘Oh how could that come about’

‘Beads of sweat trickling down my head’
‘My heart vigorously pounding’
‘My steps I’m fast retracing’
‘I bolt out with a loud “arrrrrhhhhhh”
‘I look around my dark room’
‘Although my brain seems full’
‘I can remember nothing!’

LMAO!!. I cannot even start to imagine what I was thinking when I wrote this!!. Some sort of early teenagehood gibberish!. Haha!. Thanks for sharing in my highlight of the day.
I was a learner shey?
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