I can’t sleep.

I feel like writing.


I love him so much. I wonder if he knows. Did I offend him?. He has not looked at me since I got back!. Watching TV without a glance at me!. Why won’t he look at me?!. He says he’s not hungry, ‘The beer would do’. Maybe he has a sidechick! I wonder what they do together. Oh God!. He doesn’t care about merely anymore!. Everything was fine this morning!.Is this about his call I missed? I texted him back!. He just keeps staring at the TV. What kind of husband will he be if he detests me now just for coming home late?. Does he still love me?. Maybe he wants to break up with me! And he’s giving me the silent treatment first!. I thought we were going to get married, have four kids, build houses together, adopt 2 orphans from Somalia, own companies together, spend our retirement in The Dominican Republic, die the same day, and be buried beside each other!. Why does he hate me so much? Am I not good enough for him?. If he wants to break up with me, he should do it now!. He’ll crush my world!. What can I do if he doesn’t love me anymore?….

Man U- Chelsea
Go reds!!!


Guys get pretty annoying when they are watching soccer sha!