Dear Mom,

Where do I start

Words are inadequate to describe you

The goodness of your heart is unfathomable

I know there were times I broke your heart

Shoved your care away

But don’t hold my teenage syndrome against me

I’m sorry for the times I didnt join you in the kitchen

I was playing Need For Speed like a spoilt brat

I’m sorry for the times I gave you the silent treatment

My recent misdemeanor has caused you a lot of pain

But somewhere, somehow you still forgave me

Dear mom,

Do you know I love you?

Nobody else loves you like I do

Okay, maybe Dad and my brothers and sisters

But I love you immeasurably

Your virtues are limitless

And you never run out of encouraging words to give

Four grandchildren and Six children

Is a great achievement

And more are still coming your way

You never get tired of taking care of others

Loving wife

Caring mother

Blessed grandmother

Good friend

And worthy sister

Dear mom,

I know I’m a little unsure about the future

But if there’s anything I know

Is that I want to be like you when I grow up.

Just like you.

I love you mommy.

Dedicated to Lady Bridget .A. Edoro (KSM)