confessions of a lagos call girl



Four years ago, I was an undergraduate like most of these hot bloods around, young, fresh, having the best. living life to the full, clothes, shoes, make-up, hair, I had everything any girl my age would have ever wanted!.. And by any girl, I speak in particular reference to my roommate , Tosin. Tosin was an average girl from an average family, She had nothing to worry about but she made me her center cause of worry!. She just needed to have everything I had. Ha! I remember when I got my tattoo, she did everything in her might to get herself one too!!. Luckily for her, she got a temporary tattoo, because I heard her mother beat her to a pulp when she saw it.

Tosin!!. She made my last year in school fun. Always hounding me!. “Where did you buy that bag?, How much are the shoes?”. Tosin’s unfortunate boyfriend (now her husband!) She pressured the guy so much, I’m sure he started getting grey hairs!. “Look Caroline’s boyfriend bought her a Bold 2”, “We are still jumping cab when Caro’s boyfriend gave her his Camry!’ She would nag and nag!. I wish she knew I had more than one boyfriend giving me things. Then, all my roommates thought Alaska (if you still don’t know who Alaka is, you’re on a long thing o! My manager!!) was my boyfriend.


Anyway, three years went by like seconds, I graduated with a ‘pass’ (those bloody lecturers!) and Tosin graduated with a 2.1. We parted ways and I had never seen her again, till I saw her last Monday. Saw her in boutique. We exchanged pleasantries, normal stuff, but I could see her sizing me up, like she used to do back then in school; checking my jewellery, checking my dress, totally checking me out. I’m sure she delayed just so she could see my car!, Typical of Tosin!. Finally, before I left she said “Girl, you’re enjoying oh!, look at all you have accomplished by yourself! Miss Independent!!’


What more does she want?. She’s married to her University lover boy, who obviously loved her then and definitely still loves her now to have married her!, she’s pregnant for him, lives a steady life, has a steady job, What more does she want??.. A flashy car?, extravagant jewellery?, A fat bank account?.. Does she know that it comes with An insecure life?, A demeaning job, health problems, commitment issues? Family issues?.. The list is endless!! If she wants my life, she can have it!!


This write-up is not a personal experience of the writer Mae Gregory. It is only a modified version of  true life experiences and thoughts as narrated to the writer by a close acquintance. Names have been changed for anonymity.

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