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………Ode to 2012

Time passes while we fret its passing

The memories are slipping from our grasp

Yet we hold on to things yet to come

The pictures of the days gone by

Snapshots gathered and lost in 365 days

They show proof of my troubled teenagehood

My life changed so quickly out of the blue

I wish I could erase the horrid times

But no, I wish for an everlasting glow of the past

All of it

Its radiance is futuristic

So I’m locking the moments in a time capsule


A cup of all the tears I shed

They were the outbursts of my heart

A collage of all my smiles

The ones I smiled with my eyes

A scoop from all the vomit my little nieces deposited on me

I’ve never been more honoured

The funny sound of my one year old nephew trying to pronounce my name

I love him till eternity

The sediments of spit that splashed out of our laughter

Happiest moments were not complete without my sister

The stern echo of my father’s voice

‘Your life is in your hands’

A printed copy of my transcript from Madonna University

I finally broke out of limitations

A handful of sand from my sojourn of seeking perfection

I found something better…. Jesus


These memories will loom above me

And the emotions will come flooding back when I need them

Though I still fear..

Will time consume memories like a raging fire?

That is uncertain

But what is more uncertain than the future?

Will I remain a cage of doubt and unanswered questions?

Alas I must return to life

And continue my story

So that new memories are made

And I’ll keep more time capsules…


The daily prompt for yesterday was Time capsule. A post about the memories of 2012 you’d like to store in a time capsule. I’m obviously 24hours late with the prompt but wareva! I just love the topic. Maybe you should write yours. Its a chance to reflect on the ending year.


*grabs Mic*
Good Evening ladies and gentlemen! Finally, the most anticipated day in October is finally here! The headies night!! A night of greatness and empowerment! The decision night ! Who takes home a head? Who goes home with a sad head? Who earned big? Who made it? Who looked good? Who looked retarded!! Well, I’ll be your blog host for tonight, hosting from the hosts; Mr Incredible and Gorgeous Omawunmi Live from the headies!! Join me as I commend and condemn, as I comment in my words each activity that takes place tonight!! Burna boy has been spotted, Mr capable, Toolz, T.Y Mix, are all in sight! Heels and Gowns, Blazers and Blings!! Paparazzi flashes everywhere!! Bliss!! We’ve just seen the red car for the Next Rated Artist!! Magnifico! I’ve go my chips on my home girl Eva though!, Well, no need to stress honey, Lay on your bed, grab a coke and relax as I bring you, word for word, what is going down at the headies 2012… We’ll take a commercial break now and when we come back, I’ll fill you in! Just stay locked in to my blog, comment, like, feel free!!
*sips cocktail* Its your girl Sticky Fingers!! Leggo!!!


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