I looked sternly into her eyes, She narrowed her eyes and shot me an equally stern look. I could see she was not ready to give up. ‘Answer me!’ I yelled shaking her as if I wanted the answer to fall out of her shoulders!. She shrugged as if my banter had no effect on her. I looked from side to side, exasperated!! This interrogation had gotten way out of my control!!. Maybe it was time to use more violent means. Maybe. I grabbed her by the elbow and made her sit on the chair, then I held her hands. ‘Don’t play with me, young lady!!. I want the truth and I want it fast!! Now speak!!’. I could hear the echo of my own voice in my head, the force I used to shout was now causing me a terrible headache. This had been the most cumbersome job in all my years. She laughed sarcastically as if sensing my frustration!. Yes! I was totally frustrated and at the point of giving up!. But no!!. I won’t let her win and keep the information!. Now is time for violent means, I thought. I looked at her, she closed her mouth as if to say that she wasnt going to tell me. I shook my head, ‘You leave me no choice!’ I said, rushed in and brought out the hostage. I could see, she thought it was bluff, a coy smile was dancing around her lips. I said ‘You remember Mcstuffins?,’ Pulling up the head of the hostage so she could see.’ She going to pay for this!. Are ready to talk now?’ She folded her arms carelessly. I laughed now. With one fast movement, I took Mcstuffins’ arm up twisted it and broke it!!. Her eyes widened!! Oh, that got to her. ‘Talk!’ I urged her as I held up the other hand ready break it, Her strong face had now softened to a pitiable surrender, but she was still not talking!. Hastily, I yanked, twisted and pulled at the other hand till, I was sure it was broken!. ‘Are you going to tell me now?’ I sensed a little resistance but I could also sense her fear, but she still was not talking!!. ‘We end this now!!’ I yelled, grabbing the hostage’s neck, ready to finish this up with one fast twist!.
‘No!!’ She said finally, ‘Please don’t!. I will tell you! But you have to meet my demands first, I’m sure you know of the usual settlement’.
‘Yes, I’m aware.’ Reach for a bag and toss it at her. ‘Now tell me! This information is really important to me!!. Who put relaxer in my ice cream cup and replaced it in the fridge?!’
‘It was not me, It was the maid that did it!’ Came the reply from Joan my 5 year old niece. I sighed!. Imagine the nonsense!! It was not even her! Twenty wasted minutes of my life!! Matilda will hear from me!. Well, I sat down on the chair and watched as Joan struggled with her settlement, a bag containing, Ribena, 2 packets of m&m and a carton of Dr Jacobs Crackers. I sighed as I fixed the broken parts of the ‘hostage’ back together, Mcstuffins, her rubber doll.. Well, That’s just another babysitting activity!.

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