Rip your clothes
Shave your heads
Pluck out your eyes
Freak out!
They are coming!!!
Save yourselves!!!

Darkness shall clothe the earth

Fire shall engulf the air

Water shall subdue the land



And treacherous beasts

Shall arise



Twerk on the empire state building!!!!


So before I go ahead to nullify this useless fallacies about the world ending tomorrow 21- 12- 2012 (sorry if your buffdae is tomorrow, its gonna be one heck of a day if the world is ending!) I just want to say that the douche who prophesied this sh*t is really full of sh*t and is a huge sh*t ball for sitting down joblessly and thinking of sh*tty things to say to sh*tful people who believe that piece of shit!! There goes!!.
Anyway, I wouldn’t want to waste these last minutes so I’ll race straight to why I’m here this particularly dull evening. This is not how I imagined the world end!. I figured there would be colourful bands, gold trumpets, sparkly white angels and a big screen to show all of us while we committed all our sins…. Oh that’s for tomorrow’s show?. Ahh. Well, I’m not part of the planning committee so I wouldn’t know! But what I do know is that the world is not NOT ( rara, mba, nein, naja, net, nara) ending tomorrow!
Here is why….
Drumrolls please!

First of all (don’t go down low my friend!) Have you ever asked yourself ‘Is this why we are here?’ Just to be alive one moment and for the world to end the next?. I know someone who had a baby yesterday (ok I don’t know anyone) but definitely, someone had a child yesterday (google it! :p) do you believe the child was born so the world would end tomorrow?. Use your head! Think ahead!! (not gold circle advert o!)

The expiry date on my I.D card is 2014 you idiots!! It means there’s still going to be another year! That didnt convince you?

Okay, I haven’t become Nigeria’s first female president!! Check my twitter bio, w.p bio! I’m going to be president no doubt! Or else who’s gonna make Friday the first day of the weekend?! You see!

Banks are still advertising, companies are still making 2013 calendars. Looking for more shareholders and you reading this, Y U NO sell all your things and burn the money since the world is ending tomorrow!

If we all die on the same day. Who’s gonna bury us? Are we gonna vaporize or melt maybe?. You stupid! Don’t you pray or read the bible? (no offence intended) World Without end!!! Didnt you get the memo a couple A.Ds ago?!

I’m not outta ideas o! Just that-(yes mummy!) – I have some kitchen issues to attend to!
But you gotta believe me! If you still think three world is ending tomorrow, no p! I could suggest to you a number of mental institutions you can check into on the 22nd!.

Peace out!!!


That did seem cool right?




I actually do oh! Leave ur comments in the box!