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The sound of the bata drums filled my ears

            As I moved my shoulders back and forth to the rhythm           

Each beat was the start of an energetic motion

Swift movement,  swirl of hips and upper body.

Vigorous as I jerked my shoulders,

Almost getting to a squat

Jerking my shoulders

And holding on to my Aso-Oke.

The crowd was relentless.

 ‘More!’ they screamed. ‘Give us more!!’

The first dancers had stopped to cheer me.

I could see they could now hear.

But it was not always so

They had not always accepted me.

The on-lookers were mesmerised.

My dance was unusual.

I did not go with the beat

Nothing like the ballerinas,

Neither was it a pantomime.

To them, I had lost my sanity.

Yes. I lost my sanity to the beat

The beat led me, it guided me

But they didn’t accept it.

Some called it ‘Some sort of African ritual’

The rest chose to tag me ‘mentally unstable’!

But I could hear it

“The distant beat of my father’s talking drum”

They could not hear it

-“The only way out is the way through”

I could not stop dancing

Even if my dance was different.

They needed to hear my beat

And they would dance with me.

It was not easy

Convincing the crowd, sidelining the stereotype

Sweat, pain, tension,

But then they began to hear it,

The distant beat.

The show had reached its peak,

The crowd did not hold back their joy

And applause was palpable.

But then it started to rain,

A heavy downpour.

And sometimes the thunder and lightening

Drowned the sound of the distant beat.

Ant the wind tried to blow me off my feet.

Then I heard it once more..

It was faint,

But the more I danced the more it got louder

The crowed was dismayed by my relentless effort

The high and low were there to watch

Children, men and women

They honoured me, my dance and my distant beat

Then the rain stopped

And I could see the halo

My dance was over

I moved my back in union with the last rhythm

I did not hear it anymore

I could dance no more.

But I was fulfilled

I had danced the dance I was meant to dance

My dance will not be forgotten

And someone else will follow the distant beat

Because I had followed my beat till the end

But now, after everyhting

It was time to meet with the lord of the dance.


No! I’m not dying. I just wanted to write a memoir of my life, see how it pans out and understand how I see my life and life in full spectrum. Thanks for reading.




A Listening Ear……

The beauty of listening




One of the things i love doing is taking part in group discussions on affection and happiness. It is truly deeply rewarding. It is awesome how much learning happens during these sessions when we listen intensely both to ourselves and to the intimate confessions of others. Last week, i spoke with one of my personal mentors and he analysed how human beings face challenges in focusing attention. It’s amazing to note that practically all relationship books contain a communication segment. Solid relationships are built on communication. However, one important aspect of communication which we tend to over look is LISTENING? Effective communication begins from having the same language of communication. It’s also not easy to be able to calm a troubled mind in order to absorb information despite noise and interruption from the surroundings. In addition, trying to figure out answers while a person is still speaking is a distraction. During this past weekend, on saturday around 2:30pm,  my older sister was settled in front of the tvwatching her suspense movie, when there was a knock on the door and her friend w alked in without her husband (this was strage because they always visited together). After exchange of greetings,  the lady started a conversation about how  her husband was out of town for a training.  To her utmost shock,when the movie ended, my sister turned  turned to her and asked why she didn’t come with her husband as usual.  She had to repeat the whole story.  Listening is not only limited to spoken words, but also involves emotional listening. To be a good listener, you must pay attention to eye contact, facial expressions, voice and all necessary gestures. Always note that right listening leads to accurate response.

How to love Igbo things (or what you will).

Maka ihu n'anya ihe Igbo n'ile na ihe ndi ozo di iche n'iche.

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