As timeless as this question is, it still remains one of the unanswered controversies in the aspect of dating and psychology. What do men really really want?. Let’s over look the general mis guided conception that all men want is sex! Personally I believe that only shallow minded men look for just sex in a relationship. But taking it in deep and trying to get to the core of a man’s want is hard. Unlike us women, our intentions are laid bare ranging from demanding gentleness or trust, or care, it all boils down to the same thing; a woman wants security! Well, we are here to talk of men!. After a series of failed relationships and a recent group discussion, I dare to try and state what I think men want.
First of all, I think what a man wants in a relationship is a safe place to relax, stress free, nag-free, away from te facade of the world and just be himself with his woman.
Men don’t want their relationships to be a second job of some sort! Men want a place where they can be accepted for who they are and for who they are not! Men want consistency and routine, because that is what relaxes them. ”Same place, same thing” calms them down. Yes, they like change and excitement from time to time, but what they really want in our primary relationship is a place where they can be at peace, where wedon’t have to have our “fight or flight” response triggered.
They want a safe landing zone after all the soaring around. They want to know that there’s someone at home waiting to listen to all their exciting experiences and just be there for them!.
In as much as men don’t want to multitask and they don’t want to speak in the language of feelings. They’re not built to do these things optimally. They can do them, and of course, sometimes must, but they’re not designedto do them very well.
Keep in mind that a man will always be a man though. This is just a personal view on what I think men want. You think otherwise?

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