I never really saw anything wrong in being in a relationship with an older man. Despite the common distaste the general public has, I personally saw no harm in dating a man older than me (P.S. Not for money though, but plain mutual feelings). Anyway, all that changed when I got my experience.
I was 20 years old when I met Lamide. He had come to unwind with some of his friends that Friday night at Aphro Lounge club. As fate would have it, I was also there with my friends. Naturally, I didn’t even notice him until he sent a bottle of champagne to my table with the fireworks and all. Some minutes after that, he came over by himself. To be honest, at first I was sure he thought I was a call girl, so I immediately told him bluntly ‘No! I’m not a call girl, I will not sleep with you, I don’t want your money!’. He smiled and asked me my name; ‘Mary’ I replied. He introduced himself, he said he liked my shoes and before I knew it, we were talking about Loubitin, Gene Bendi, Predictions!. Anyway after a few more drinks I gave him my digits and left the club. So, that was how our love story began. Surprisingly, Lamide never demanded anything sexual from me. It was a very normal relationship only more mature than any other relationship I had been in, ofcourse what did I expect Lamide was 49, divorced wife in Miami with legal custody of 3kids!!. We always got ‘the look’ when we went out together. My friends were always asking me questions and all but I chose to blindly ignore. (Love is blind you know) . Anyways 7months into our relationship, I was the one now asking questions. Not about him, no, but about us! Our future. What next?!. Well, I’m not one to propose to a guy but I had to hold the reins here and ask Lamide about his plans for our marriage and family life. He burst out laughing at first but when he saw that I was serious, he apologised. Well, he told me the truth and admitted that he didn’t have plans for our ‘future’. He said he had lived his life, two boys and a girl with a huge bank account was a life well lived!. To him, we were two adults in a mature relationship enjoying the companionship of each other!!. Reactionary shock caused me to break up with him on the spot!. Anyway, that was 2years ago. Now I stick to dating guys my own age or within my age group.
I obviously do not hold any sort of believe that any relationship with men in your parents age range can work! Except you are ready to be his hand bag, or a platform for him to try to regain his youth!.Little or no benefits come out from such. But of course, this is still based on personal evaluation!. Amiable reader, what do you think? Dating an older man, is it advisable or do you agree with me?

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