A few days ago was Thanksgiving day in the United States.I”m aware this is a celebration of life, family, lasting relationships and what you’re grateful/thankful f or. It is wonderful to look back over the year, clear your mind off the worries, stress, disappointments and setbacks, and just be happy and thankful for the good things and people in your life.

Sadly, this holiday is not acknowledged over here in Nigeria but I’m really excited that I have the opportunity to express what I’m being thankful for here!.

This year, I’m extremely thankful for my three (3) year old neices Oseimuohan and Oseiwe. In my sadest moments, their smiles and laughter have been my consolation,long hours of  babysiting them has given me enough time to duly reflect on my life and be better and all the injuries and sicknesses didnt break them, there are still very healthy. So there goes, I’m truly thankful for their lives.

My nieces

P.S; I just had a slice of turkey with them! 😀