Goodmorning people, its a beautiful day and I’m in the mood for some ‘woman to woman’ talk. I’m sure we are all conversant with the quote ‘Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man’. As easy as it is to say, it is quite harder to really fully live by. Believe me, living with a mother that deals with a lot of women’s experiences makes you understand really that a majority of women actually subdue themselves to being the weaker sex. Unfortunately this trait is heavily dominant is our beloved Nigeria.
I doubt if it is just a personally decision of some women personally to just by remain oblivious of their strengths as women. I would like to believe that some women have not just heard or read the right things to put them straight.
I’m using this as a platform to reach out to women or girls aspiring to be fully empowered women. Not like I have a degree in women affairs or the sort, this is just what I’ve learned from my mother and three truly empowered sisters.

Wake up each morning expecting good things to happen. Embrace each day, each morning with enthusiasm and excitement. As women, we are truly easily moved by our emotions and moods. So enthusiasm is paramount for your day.

The truth is that it is easier for you as a woman to lead a group of men to a higher level of performance than it is for your male colleagues. So, accept each challenge as tests of ability, opportunities for strength and character building.

Minimize your femininity, forget that you have a very emotional nature and strive for anything you want to do, sentiments aside. Although don’t shun the woman you are. (Sensibly use what you have to get what you want)

Always believe that you possessing what it takes! Don not let anything or anybody talk you down.

Take time for regular personal development and the exploration ofimportant life principles. For a growing number of women, that means being active in their discussion groups, reading books, being involved in talks and empowerment speeches.

Be creative and don’t let guys talk you down or make you feel less or weaker than you actually are.

In all these remember that every woman is a strong willed and minded individual that can reach full potential at any time same with a man!. ‘When we do the best we can , we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.’ – Helen Keller.

This post is particularly dedicated to my mother; Mrs Bridget .A. Edoro (KSM) For empowering me since I was old enough to poop by myself through her own strong behaviour and experiences. I Love You!.

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