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Letter To My Mother….

Dear Mom,

Where do I start

Words are inadequate to describe you

The goodness of your heart is unfathomable

I know there were times I broke your heart

Shoved your care away

But don’t hold my teenage syndrome against me

I’m sorry for the times I didnt join you in the kitchen

I was playing Need For Speed like a spoilt brat

I’m sorry for the times I gave you the silent treatment

My recent misdemeanor has caused you a lot of pain

But somewhere, somehow you still forgave me

Dear mom,

Do you know I love you?

Nobody else loves you like I do

Okay, maybe Dad and my brothers and sisters

But I love you immeasurably

Your virtues are limitless

And you never run out of encouraging words to give

Four grandchildren and Six children

Is a great achievement

And more are still coming your way

You never get tired of taking care of others

Loving wife

Caring mother

Blessed grandmother

Good friend

And worthy sister

Dear mom,

I know I’m a little unsure about the future

But if there’s anything I know

Is that I want to be like you when I grow up.

Just like you.

I love you mommy.

Dedicated to Lady Bridget .A. Edoro (KSM)


Random Person: ‘Hey Mae, Do you want to go sky diving without parachutes with me?… Pleeaaseee!!’

My thoughts: ‘Oh heck no! Why would I want to go risk my life with you?! There’s no way I’m doing that!.’

My reply: ‘Oh okay…cool!’

That right there is my greatest flaw!. I cannot say ‘No’!. The bright side is me trying a lot of things and getting to have lots of friends that like me because I do things with them, but on the other hand, being the ‘Yes’ girl has brought me a lot of awkward moments, sticky situations and thrown me more than my fair share of troubles!!.

I want to learn to say ‘No!’


The sound of the bata drums filled my ears

            As I moved my shoulders back and forth to the rhythm           

Each beat was the start of an energetic motion

Swift movement,  swirl of hips and upper body.

Vigorous as I jerked my shoulders,

Almost getting to a squat

Jerking my shoulders

And holding on to my Aso-Oke.

The crowd was relentless.

 ‘More!’ they screamed. ‘Give us more!!’

The first dancers had stopped to cheer me.

I could see they could now hear.

But it was not always so

They had not always accepted me.

The on-lookers were mesmerised.

My dance was unusual.

I did not go with the beat

Nothing like the ballerinas,

Neither was it a pantomime.

To them, I had lost my sanity.

Yes. I lost my sanity to the beat

The beat led me, it guided me

But they didn’t accept it.

Some called it ‘Some sort of African ritual’

The rest chose to tag me ‘mentally unstable’!

But I could hear it

“The distant beat of my father’s talking drum”

They could not hear it

-“The only way out is the way through”

I could not stop dancing

Even if my dance was different.

They needed to hear my beat

And they would dance with me.

It was not easy

Convincing the crowd, sidelining the stereotype

Sweat, pain, tension,

But then they began to hear it,

The distant beat.

The show had reached its peak,

The crowd did not hold back their joy

And applause was palpable.

But then it started to rain,

A heavy downpour.

And sometimes the thunder and lightening

Drowned the sound of the distant beat.

Ant the wind tried to blow me off my feet.

Then I heard it once more..

It was faint,

But the more I danced the more it got louder

The crowed was dismayed by my relentless effort

The high and low were there to watch

Children, men and women

They honoured me, my dance and my distant beat

Then the rain stopped

And I could see the halo

My dance was over

I moved my back in union with the last rhythm

I did not hear it anymore

I could dance no more.

But I was fulfilled

I had danced the dance I was meant to dance

My dance will not be forgotten

And someone else will follow the distant beat

Because I had followed my beat till the end

But now, after everyhting

It was time to meet with the lord of the dance.


No! I’m not dying. I just wanted to write a memoir of my life, see how it pans out and understand how I see my life and life in full spectrum. Thanks for reading.



A few days ago was Thanksgiving day in the United States.I”m aware this is a celebration of life, family, lasting relationships and what you’re grateful/thankful f or. It is wonderful to look back over the year, clear your mind off the worries, stress, disappointments and setbacks, and just be happy and thankful for the good things and people in your life.

Sadly, this holiday is not acknowledged over here in Nigeria but I’m really excited that I have the opportunity to express what I’m being thankful for here!.

This year, I’m extremely thankful for my three (3) year old neices Oseimuohan and Oseiwe. In my sadest moments, their smiles and laughter have been my consolation,long hours of  babysiting them has given me enough time to duly reflect on my life and be better and all the injuries and sicknesses didnt break them, there are still very healthy. So there goes, I’m truly thankful for their lives.

My nieces

P.S; I just had a slice of turkey with them! 😀

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